The current default login authentication is through SMS code received on your registered mobile number, but you can also setup the login through Authenticator app as a backup method. This will allow you to get the code also when your phone is offline.

Using the Web portal:

  • Once you logged in, click on the Settings button

  • Click on the Security tab

  • Under 2-Step Verification there is the Authenticator app option - click Setup next to it

  • You will receive an SMS code on your registered mobile number, enter it and click on Verify

  • Install an authenticator app on your mobile device if don’t already have one, we suggest you Google authenticator and Authy, but any other Authenticator app would work

  • Scan the QR code on your Authenticator app and click on Next (if you don’t see the Next button, reduce the text from the 100% to the 80%)

  • Enter the 6 digits codes generated on the authenticator app then click on Verify.

You have now enabled the Authenticator app login.

This is currently available only on the Web portal, please note that Individual accounts are currently linked to the platform you are signing up with, this means that if you signed up/logged in via the App you can only access through the App, same for Web portal.

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