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Online and Mobile Banking
Updated over a week ago

The internet has made “banking” much more accessible and convenient. With online or mobile payments being used every day, there are precautions you need to take to ensure that you enjoy the safest banking experience possible.

What you can do:

  • Never reveal your online login information to anyone

  • Ensure you are not being overlooked. When entering passwords or PINs into online accounts in a public place, shield your screen and ensure no one is overlooking you or trying to distract you.

  • Monitor your accounts on a regular basis. Check for suspicious transactions. If you do find anything suspicious, Report it.

  • Monitor your list of online payees on a regular basis. Treat any unexpected requests to change or update your payee details with caution and verify that the request has come from a legitimate source.

  • Always logout completely from your online session. Select the log out button rather than just closing the website or app.

  • Use secure websites (https). When entering login details or personal information, be sure the web page you are viewing offers encryption of your data by checking:

    • The web address (URL) has changed from ‘http’ to ‘https’.

    • That a closed padlock icon is present.

    • Your browser address window may be green.

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