Public Wi-Fi
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Wireless networks have changed the way we use computers and mobile devices at home in the office and on the move. ‘Public’ wireless networks or hotspots mean that we can get online in places like cafés, hotels and parks. While this is very convenient, there is a security risk associated with it. When you access public Wi-Fi, you can never be sure who has set up the network and, more importantly, you don’t know who is connected to it. Malicious users could intercept anything you are doing online including capturing your passwords and reading private emails.

Tips on how to stay safe

  • Use 3G or 4/5G instead of public Wi-Fi when entering personal information where possible.

  • If you see anything suspicious while using public Wi-Fi, report your concerns to the manager of the organization providing access to the Wi-Fi service.

Avoid installing any system or application updates on your mobile phone or computer whilst using public Wi-Fi.

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