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In this panel, you'll manage your company team (and freelancers or external members) that have access to COR.

Each user has some important data divided into four categories:

  • General data: User's general information. Here you can create a password for this user and assign all the access to the app.
  • Employee data: All the data refering to the tax situation. Also you can add salary; this info will be needed to compute projects performance.
  • Additional data: User's extra info.
  • Abilities: You can choose from created Project Templates. This users will be sugested as collaborator next time you create a project from a template. 

Removing a user
When you delete a user you can choose between two options:

  • Transfer ownership of its elements (created tasks, etc.) and reassign their work to other users (you can select different users for each case).
  • Keep all information associated to the removed user, but he/she will no longer have access to the system.
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