Click here to access the Projects module and here for the Tasks module.

Projects are composed Tasks (Client>Project>Task). For example, if you wanted to “Design a Web Site” (Project) for a Company (Client), should “Design Sections”, “Programming Sections”, “Making Quality Control”, “Put Online” (Tasks).

Projects have a deadline (delivery date) and budget (the value at which your team will work). It is important to complete these fields to get accurate statistics on the performance of your business.

Tasks can Also have deadlines, Which will serve primarily for internal organization of your team. Tasks are specific and concrete; they must be assigned to one person, who must be a member of the team chosen for the project to which it corresponds.

For each task, you can complete the following fields:

  • Task´s Title: it´s task name.
  • Start: Start date
  • Deadline: Completion/Delivery task date.
  • Description: Needed information for Task accomplishment.
  • Priority: Level of urgency/relevance.
  • Status: Development status.
  • Project: Which project the task belongs. If you do not have the project loaded, click Create a new Project. You can create a new client also.
  • Project Manager: Person who designates the task and is responsible for its supervision. 
  • Collaborator: You can choose a user (previously created) which will do the task.
  • Estimated: Estimated time for task completion
  • Access type: Select between public (everybody who has access can see this task) or private (only the ones involved to the task will see it).
  • Deadline: Completion date / Delivery task.

Once the task is created, the team member who was selected will receive a notification via email and COR.

At the same time, each user will see on their board a list of pending tasks assigned to them. Right there they may visualize them and change their status.

Inside every task you will have some tabs:

  • Messages: Share relevant messages.
  • Files: Upload and download files with your team.
  • Passwords: Passwords locker, arranged by users, client or from the company.
  • Hours: Here you can upload the time worked on the task. This information is then used for statistical purposes, obtaining some stats like project's performance.
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