Whether you only want one proposal template throughout your company or everyone to have their versions, using the templates will empower you to be very efficient in creating, presenting, and winning proposal!

To create a template, go to settings, and in the Quote settings, click the Proposal Template. Here you will see at least one template that D-Tools created for you, and you may see templates others have created in your D-Tools company account. You can create a new proposal template or you can edit an existing one.

By clicking the New Proposal Template button and giving your new template a name you will be able to start customizing your template. You will notice there are a few sections already there. 

First is the company banner. You can not delete the banner, but have customization to change the overlay color, background picture, and showing company and customer information.

Adding a Section

There are multiple ways to add a section, all which result in the same options.

1. First is to hover between two sections in the proposal and click the Add section Button. 

2. Second is to hover over a section and click the "+" button at the bottom of the section. This will create a section below the section being hovered.

3. Third is to click the add section button in the upper right, next to the View Proposal button.

Select Section Type

Adding a section will open a banner to add many different kind of sections. This includes paragraphs, image galleries, products from the quote, summary, and payment terms. 

  • Paragraph - A block of text that can be used to describe the project, about us, key differentiators, or any text you want to relay to your customer

  • Image / Gallery - Include image(s) to present to the client. Good examples of past projects can be valuable to show to the client.

  • Products - Show the products the client is purchasing.

  • Summary - This is the cost for the client broken down by product, labor, miscellaneous, adjustments, and taxes. Also includes subtotal and total price.

  • Payment Terms - If you collect payments at different phases in the project lifecycle, it may be worth showing payment due dates

Edit Section

Once you have added a section, you will see the section added, and a side bar slide out. In the sidebar, you will be able to edit and customize the section.

Each section will have its own option types, but you can customize the sections to match how you would like it displayed.

Preview the Proposal

Since the edit proposal shows metadata fields and not actual numbers, you may want ot see it exactly how the client does. To Preview the proposal, click the green View Proposal button in the upper right.

Save the Proposal

Once you are done creating your proposal, you can just click the back button to save your proposal, since all the changes you make will be saved as you change them. 

How-To Video Example:

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