To create an event:


Manage event details

  • For Virtual events, select Online event from the event type.

  • Add your event details like name, description, dates, and social media links.

  • Upload your catchy branding to the event including logo and Cover photo

  • Add a welcome message to greet your attendees and let them know what to expect during the event in the Welcome note

You can also preview or access your event by clicking on Open Virtual Website

Publish your Event

  • When you add all the mandatory fields, click Save. the event will be saved in your drafts and only you and your team ( other admins ) can access it.

  • Once you are ready to share the event details with the world, click Publish and you can share the registration link with your audience. ( You might need to add tickets first )

Next steps:

⭐️ Note: You can add or update the event content anytime (even during the event). To share the event link with your audience for RSVP (or start selling tickets), all you need is to add the event's basic information and ticket details.

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