Virtual circles are like virtual round tables or rooms. Event organizers create circles to help connect event participants in live video chat to discuss certain topics, present a specific topic with circle participants, or just network and meet each other.

We have two types of Virtual Circles:

  • Public Circles: first come, first serve. It's open for all event attendees and the organizers set the limit of participants per circle.

  • Private Circles: used for private meetings or pre-scheduled meetings set up by the event admins where they choose certain attendees to participate in the circle.

Note: Circles are enabled by default, to disable it please reach out to your account manager directly or contact us at

How to create a Public Circle?

To create a public circle:

  • Click "Create Circle" and start adding circle name, time, duration (30/60/90 or 120 mins), and set the maximum number of participants who can join the circle.

  • Set Circle status to public, so all event participants can see it and whoever joins the circle first, will be able to participate.

    Note: Maximum number of participants per circle is 20 participants who can join using video and audio, above 20 they will only be viewers with a maximum of 150 viewers per circle. When one of the participants leaves, a slot becomes available and viewers can join and participate in the circle.

  • Click create and now your circle is available for attendees to join at its scheduled time
    Note: The available number of circles differs based on your purchased credit and organizers can buy more credit at any time even during the event

How to Create a Private Circle?

To create a Private circle:

  • Click Create Circle and start adding circle name, time, duration (30/60/90 or 120 mins), and number of participants

  • Set Circle status to Private

  • Invite selected participants from the event attendees so they can join this circle.

    Note: Invited attendees receive an invitation with the circle details to their emails and another email when the circle is live so they can join the circle.

  • Only invited attendees will get access to view and join the private circles in the circle's section.

Edit a circle

  • To update or end a circle before the scheduled start time, the event admin should click on the three dots icon (・・・) and edit or end the circle.

    Note: You can edit circle name, time, duration and participants count and for private circles, you can update the participants too./

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