To Invite speakers to the virtual event:

Login to your event dashboard >> Edit your event

∙ Go to the Speakers tab and click Add Speaker

∙ Fill in the speaker's details: Name, title, and company

∙ Add the speaker's email and click the checkbox below to send an invitation and grant the speaker access to your virtual event and click Save

To track invitations status:

To track if the speaker accepts the invitation, or to resend them the invitation:

  • Go to the Speakers tab, if a speaker accepted the invitation the status will be "Invite Accepted"

To resend the speaker invitation:

  • If the Invite is still pending, event organizers can resend the invitation to the speaker. Select the speaker you want to resend the invite to and click "Resend invitation"

🌟 Follow up with speakers to accept the invitation prior to the event.

🌟 Guide them on how to access backstage and present their slides

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