We make every effort to make sure your signup process goes flawlessly. But in case you're having any trouble getting to your purchased programs, we've made this handy little process list to make sure you're able to get your online programs and videos.

The most common issue you might have is getting to your programs after you've purchased them. Here are a few of quick solutions.

  1. How do I login? (Or maybe you lost your password.) Click here »
  2. I'm already logged in, but can't find my programs? Click here for where to find them »
  3. I didn’t receive my Week 1 email? Answer: Check your junk (spam) folder. We bet it's in there. 😀

Already logged in, found your Gentlemen, Restart Your Engines home page, but not sure what to do next? Look for the Quick Start Guide button!


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The purchase process for new and returning customers »

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