Create and use Challenges in my programming

How to create your own challenges or use one from our library in your programming

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What is a Challenge?

Think of a challenge as a repeatable workout. E.g. 100 Burpees for time or a 2km Row challenge. Something you may, as a coach, like your clients to repeat down the line to see how they have progressed.

Every challenge has its own leaderboard too, so all your clients who have completed that challenge, regardless of the program they're in, can see how they compare with each other.

As mentioned just now, you're free to insert a challenge in any program and we'll collate all the scores together into a single leaderboard.

You can reuse challenges over time, and you and your clients can see how they've progressed. E.g. how has their 'Grace' workout time improved over the last year?

What's the difference between a Daily Leaderboard and Challenge?

Here's an article on the difference between the two.

Creating your own challenge

Head to challenges from your dropdown menu and click create a challenge.

A pop up box will appear where you can name the challenge, describe what's involved and layout how the challenge is measured, i.e. its score.

Once you've created your challenge you'll see it appear in your listing here:

Over 800 pre-loaded challenges

We have over 800 pre-created challenges that you're free to use in your programs.

When you use one of these in your programming, it will also copy across to the 'My Library' tab and you can tell it's from the pre-loaded library by the little logo next to the name here:

Inserting a challenge in your program

So you've got a challenge you want to use. Here's how.

Head to your program schedule and hover over the 'insert challenge' icon on any day:

You'll see the option to select a challenge. Note that you can also create one here too.

After you've selected the challenge you'll see it appear in your calendar like this. You can see it's a challenge by the note under the part itself.

That's it, when clients enter their scores, like they can on daily leaderboards, a central leaderboard will be created. You can learn about how leaderboards work here.

If you need more help, please get in touch via live chat.



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