How to use Picture-in-Picture mode
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In FLOWN's Drop-In sessions, we've included the Picture-In-Picture (PIP) mode, which allows you to keep an eye on your body doubles and let the Hawthorne effect work!

This guide will show you how to enable and use the PIP mode during Drop-In sessions.

Steps to enable Picture-In-Picture mode:

  1. Join the Drop-In session:

    First, log in to your FLOWN account and join the Drop-In session as you normally would. You'll find yourself in the main video call with other attendees.

  2. Locate the PIP button:

    Once you're in the session, look for the Picture-In-Picture button on the video call interface. This button is usually represented by a small square icon with a smaller square inside, located in the video control panel.

    Picture in Picture UI

  3. Enable PIP mode:

    Click on the Picture-In-Picture button to enable PIP mode. The video call window will now shrink to a smaller window, which you can move around your screen.

  4. Customize PIP window placement:

    You can click and drag the smaller PIP window to any desired location on your screen, allowing you to multitask while keeping an eye on the session.

  5. Interact with the session:

    While using PIP mode, you can still interact with the session as you normally would. You can turn your camera on/off using the button in the PIP window.

  6. Return to the full-size window:

    If you want to switch back to the full-size video call window, simply click on the Picture-In-Picture button again. This will disable PIP mode and return you to the original video call interface.

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