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Categories & Subcategories

Group your products to manage them more easily

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A Category is a group of products. Use Categories to manage similar products more easily in the POS and display them in the online menu.

Set up Categories and Subcategories

Basic setup:

Navigation bar: Administration > Menu

Page: Menu

  1. Click Add menu category.

  2. In the dialog, give your Category a name (for example ‘Cold Drinks’).

  3. Optionally, pick a Category color so you can identify it quickly and easily later.

  4. Click Save and the Category appears listed on the Menu page.

If you click the three dots next to a Category name, you can click Add subcategory to open a dialog similar to the one for Categories. This allows you to create Subcategories for your products. For example, you might have Subcategories like ‘Wines’ and ‘Beer’ inside your ‘Drinks’ Category.

Change the order of your Categories by dragging the six dots next to the Category name. You can use the same method to change the order of Subcategories within a Category.

Additional features:

The dialogs for creating Categories and Subcategories have the following additional settings:


What it does

Is Set Menu

A Set Menu is a product that contains other products. An example is a three-course meal. The customer can select the three-course meal and all the sub-items will be automatically added to the order.

Is Wine Menu

If the products in the Category are wines, use this setting to provide information such as the origin, vintage and grape. This then allows you to search for wines by these characteristics.


Determines whether the Category or Subcategory is visible in the menu. This is useful for hiding Categories without deleting them.

Accounting VAT code

Use this if you need to apply different amounts of VAT to different kinds of products in your country.

Accounting Product code

Use this field to define the accounting system code for the products in this Category. For more information see here.

Product group

Use this field to label your products for use in Fresto’s analytics and reporting.

You may find that it is convenient for you to order your Categories differently in the menu and the POS, or to hide certain Categories entirely from your guests. Use the Online button to bring up a dialog that lets you show or hide entire Categories from the online version of the menu, without affecting the POS. In this dialog, you can drag the Categories to change their order, so they appear differently in the online menu with respect to the POS.

Remember to click Publish Menu to make your changes available.

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