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A Product is an item that appears in the menu. All products should belong to a Category, so make sure you have set those up first.

Add products to the menu

Basic setup:

Navigation bar: Administration > Menu

Page: Menu

  1. Click on the Category that your product goes into.

  2. Click Add product.

  3. In the Name field, provide a name for your Product.

  4. In the Price field, state the price including VAT.

  5. Click Add product.

You can edit the product at any time by clicking its icon.

To see all the products that belong to a Category, select a Category. Once you have many products it is useful to use filters to allow you to find different items easily. They works as follows:


What it does


Lets you see only the products assigned to a specific menu. For example, if you want to edit items in your takeaway menu, select Takeaway to hide everything else.

You can also select Unassigned to see products which do not belong to a Category.


Lets you filter by availability. See here for more information.

Product groups

Lets you filter by product group. See here for more information.


As you type in this field, products will be hidden if they do not contain the text in their name.


The Settings button provides a number of additional filters to help you locate products. These include options such as Show only favorites and Show not visible products.

Click the Preview shop button to see how the menu will appear online for guests.

Additional features:

The panel for adding or editing products has many additional features so you can manage and define them precisely.


What it does


Lets you delete the product

Upload image

Lets you upload a photo or other image of the product.


Let you make the product a favorite. This marks the product with a heart icon and places it at the top in the POS, regardless of how products are sorted.


Determines whether the product is visible in the menu.


A small description of the product, visible in the POS and the menu.


State who prepares the product. As a rule Drinks are Bar and food is Kitchen, but some small snacks may be available in the Bar. For more information on additional Stations, see the relevant article.

Glass price

Use this field for Bar products, such as wine, if you wish to sell them by the glass.

Glasses per bottle

If you provide a Glass price, use this field to state how many glasses you can serve from one bottle. This information is used for calculating profit and inventory.

Add Extra prices

This allows you to add different prices to your products. For example, a bottle of wine may have a different price according to whether the guest eats in or takes it home. Use the Label fields to identify the various prices.

All the different prices are then listed in the POS, with their respective labels.


State how much the product cost you to buy, including VAT. This will help you calculate profits, and the value of your current stock.


Give a percentage or absolute discount on the product.

Menu number

By default, products are ordered alphabetically, but you can use this field to provide an index to determine where this item appears in the list.

Visible for

Choose whether the product is visible for both customers and staff, or only for staff. This is useful if you want staff to be able to order certain items, for example a glass of milk for a child, but you don’t want it to appear in the view that customers see.

Customers and Staff / Staff only

By selecting Staff only, guests reading the digital menu will not be able to see the product, nor will it appear on the receipt. For example, if you do not charge for items like bread or water, you can have a corresponding product whose price is zero, that only staff can see.

All the sub-products inside a Set Menu should also be set to Staff only, so that guests cannot order them individually.

Menu visibility

Determines for which menus the product is available. For example, some products may only be available in house and not for takeaway, while other products might only be available in a Special menu.

You can also use other labels here, such as ‘Breakfast’ or ‘Brunch’. This makes no difference to what the guest can see or to the availability of the product, but it can be useful for serving staff in the POS to see options quickly.


Modifications are product choices or ingredients. See the articles on Product Choices and Ingredients for more information.

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