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Product Choices are for products that come in different sizes or with different options

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Products are often available in different variations. For example, a drink might be available in small, medium and large, a burger bun might be available with different kinds of bread, or coffee might be available with different kinds of milk. Fresto calls these Product Choices, and you can set them up in the Product Choices view.

Navigation bar: Administration > Menu

Page: Product Choices

To create a Product Choice, follow these steps:

  1. Click Add product choice.

  2. In the panel, use the Is mandatory control to determine whether or not the choice is mandatory. Mandatory means that when you select the product, you will always be required to choose one of the options before going further.

  3. Provide a Product Choice Title. This is a quick description of the choice you offer, such as ‘Cooking degree’ or ‘Milk type’.

  4. In the Standard Serving field, provide a title for the standard option. Note that this is the default option if you did not set Is mandatory in step 2. For example ‘Medium-rare’ or ‘Full fat’.

  5. Click Add option to add an alternative option.

  6. In the new Extra Option field, provide a title, for example ‘Medium’ and a price for this option. The price is the change relative to the Standard Serving.

  7. Repeat steps 5 through 6 to add all the options you need.

  8. Click Add product choice to save.

Remember that the prices of the extra options are relative to the standard option. For example, you could decide that your standard drink size is medium, and then add a small option for -10, and a large for 5.

At this point you have created a Product Choice, but it is not associated with any particular product. To make it so that a product can actually use the Product Choices, you have to update the product itself. Do the following:

Navigation bar: Administration > Menu

Page: Menu

  1. Click the product you wish to modify with a Product Choice.

  2. In the panel, click Modifications.

  3. In the dialog, click the Product Choices dropdown, and select all the options that apply.

  4. Click Update Product to save your changes.

The product you have edited now has the Product Choices you have associated with it.

In the POS, Product Choices marked as mandatory are presented as soon as the product is added to the order, but all Product Choices can always be viewed and updated by clicking on the product once it is included in the order.

Similarly, for a customer using the online menu, mandatory Product Choices are forced, while non-mandatory ones are available via a Modify item button.

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