Food Preferences

Make sure your guests can choose the from the kinds of things they want to consume

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Food Preferences are things like Vegan, Celiac, Low Carb, Halal, Giving products these labels allows you customers to choose from the kinds of items they are happy to consume. You can indicate the Food Preference for every product. Set up Food Preferences in the Food Preferences view, as follows:

Navigation bar: Administration > Menu

Page: Food Preferences

To create an allergy, follow these steps:

  1. Click Add preference

  2. In the panel, give the preference a name.

  3. Click Add preference

  4. Repeat steps 2 through 3 to add all the Food Preferences you need.

Fresto provides a list of frequent Food preferences so you don’t have to type everything when you set this up. Click Import from Fresto for a list of the most common ones.

At this point you have created a series of Food Preferences, but they are not associated with any particular product. To associate a Food Preference with a product, you have to update the product itself. Do the following:

Navigation bar: Administration > Menu

Page: Menu

  1. Click the product you wish to modify with a Food Preference.

  2. In the panel, click Food preference.

  3. Select all the options that apply to this product.

  4. Click Update Product to save your changes.

The product you have edited now has the Food Preference you have associated with it.

In the POS and the online menu, you and your guests have the opportunity of filtering out all products that don’t have the Food Preferences you have listed for them. For example, someone who is pescetarian can easily remove from view all the products that don’t meet that criteria.

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