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Stations are different areas that are responsible for preparing different kinds of products, or parts of products. Stations are usually inside the Kitchen, but could also be areas of the Bar. With Fresto you can create as many as you need. Kitchens, for example, will often have one Station for cold food and one for warm food.

Once you set up your Stations, you can assign each product to one of them. This allows the staff assigned to each Station to see only the things that are relevant to them and that they are responsible for preparing. This applies to both printed tickets and digital displays.

Set up Stations

Navigation bar: Administration > Menu

Page: Stations

To create a Station, follow these steps:

  1. Click Add station

  2. In the panel, give the Station a name, and indicate whether it belongs to the Kitchen or the Bar

  3. Click Add station

  4. Repeat steps 2 through 3 to add all the Stations you need.

At this point you have created one or more Stations, but they are not associated with any particular product. To associate a product with a Station, you have to update the product itself. Do the following:

Navigation bar: Administration > Menu

Page: Menu

  1. Click the product you wish to modify with a Station.

  2. In the panel, click Product station.

  3. Select all the options that apply to this product..

  4. Click Update Product to save your changes.

The product you have edited is now associated with one or more Stations.

You can now use Stations as a filter in any of the relevant views (printing or digital displays) to that staff can focus on the products they are responsible for.

You only need to create Stations if you have more than one within the Kitchen or within the Bar. In other words, if your bar does not have separate areas where different bar products are prepared, there is no need to create Bar stations.

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