Fees Charged To Your Account

Learn how we charge you for certain transactions.

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Penny Pinch charges a modest fee for certain platform transactions in order to continue developing and provide you with an excellent customer experience. Our price structure is as follows. All fees will be disclosed to you at the time your transaction is confirmed.

Account Setup

Account Management - FREE

Account Registration - FREE

Digital KYC Verification - FREE

Monthly Management - FREE

Account Management

Digital Statements (PDF) - FREE

Transaction Analytics - FREE

No Sufficient Funds - FREE

Account Funding

Debit or Credit Card - 3.85% (Visa/Mastercard )

Receive Bank Transfers - Free (Your bank may charge fees to send the transfer)

Get Paid Employee Salary - FREE

Depositing Cash - $2 Per Deposit


Transfer To Other Penny Pinch User - FREE

Transfer To Personal Bank Account - $5

Receiving Transfers - FREE


Pay A Business - FREE

Rewards & Loyalty Payments - FREE

Pay and Manage Bills - FREE

Topping up a phone - FREE

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