Penny Pinch Inc. is a licensed (Class A under the Money Services Business Act) and regulated fintech company based in St. Lucia -

Penny Pinch offers a mobile application available on the Google Play & Apple App store that enables consumers to access a range of financial services by creating a verified wallet account.

Once a customer has verified their account, they can pre-fund it using their Debit Card, Bank Transfer, and Payroll. Once a customer has funded their account, they may use their Digital Wallet to access a range of consumer products such as:

Contactless Payments: A Penny Pinch Digital Wallet user can make payments to businesses registered on the Penny Pinch platform. Customers can make payments in-store via Contactless QR Code scanning or remotely via the mobile app’s Pay functionality. Payments are made in seconds and prove a safer, more reliable way to make payments. Businesses can register online and signup to have a business profile.

Loyalty Solution: Businesses that accept Penny Pinch have access to marketing and loyalty tools that enable the business to engage consumers via cashback, rewards, and exclusive promotions. Businesses can retarget customers via notifications, email marketing, and social media awareness to incentivize loyal spending.

Disbursements: Loans and salaries can be disbursed through the Penny Pinch Mobile Wallet, giving consumers quick access to spending their funds without hassle.

Bills: Enable customers to link all their bills and make payments directly using their smartphone locally, regionally, or internationally. A customer can pay towards their or a family members' account.

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