Rewards & Ca$hback

Earn Ca$hback, Rewards and discounts from businesses island wide.

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Penny Pinch partners with merchants to provide customers with exclusive access to cashback offers, rewards, and discounts when they pay using their Penny Pinch Balance.

How Cashback Offers Work:

If a merchant offers cashback, a percentage of your purchase will be credited back to your wallet balance once the transaction has been processed. You will see how much cashback you earn before confirming your payment.

How To Redeem A Cashback Offer:

To redeem a cashback offer, click on the offer you would like to apply to your next transaction.

Select the Redeem Offer button which will take you to the payment form page, you will notice that the offer is selected and will be applied to the transaction.

How To Redeem An In-Store Offer:

Merchants who have existing offers in-store can promote their offers in the Penny Pinch App. To redeem an In-Store offer, reference the instructions in the offer and visit the merchant where you will be able to ask about the offer.

TIP: If you favor an offer, you will be alerted when the offer is about to expire. If you favorite a store, you will receive alerts when new offers for that store are created.

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