At Penny Pinch, we are always looking to improve your experience when using our financial services. When we release a mandatory updates, you will be promopted to update the app once it is available to you.

To Update your app, click on the 'Install Update' button on the prompter screen.

When clicking on the Install Update button, if you do not see the 'Update' button on the App Store, please try the following to view the update.

Clearing Google Play Store System Cache:

  1. Visit your settings app and look for the 'Apps' section.

  2. Click on the Apps section and search for 'Google Play Store'. Once viewing the app details click on 'Storage & Cache' and clear both 'Storage' and 'Cache'

  3. Once you have done this, try clicking on the 'Install Update' button in the Penny Pinch Customer App

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