To set up your SmartCam in the Hedge app for the first time, please follow the steps here. There are also additional app screen shots below.

Note: The SmartCam will only connect to a 2.4GHz network; it will not connect to a 5GHz. If your router supports both, make sure you are connecting to the right one. When entering the network and password, please ensure you are keying in the correct case-sensitive information.

What do the LED colors on the back of the SmartCam mean? 

  1. Open the Hedge app and click the "+" button on the top right of the screen. 

2. Click on the SmartCam in the device list. 

3. Then click "Get started". 

4. Plug the SmartCam in and wait until the LED light on the back starts flashing yellow. This may take 10 seconds. 

5. Click "Next", then enter your Wi-Fi details. The best way to do this is to first connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network you would want the SmartCam to connect to. The network and password should be entered following the case sensitive information for your router.

NOTE: The SmartCam will not work on 5Ghz so make sure you connect it to a 2.4Ghz network. 

6. Click the setup button under the SmartCam until you hear it say "Ready to Connect", then click the "I heard the voice say Ready to Connect" button in the Hedge app. 

7. Show the SmartCam the QR code. If the SmartCam identifies the QR code, it will say "QR code scanned". If it doesn't say that, then make sure your the phone brightness is up to 100% also make sure the phone is level with the SmartCam.

NOTE: Once the QR code is created, it is only valid for 5 minutes.  

8. Once you hear "QR code scanned" and click the button, the Hedge app will try to connect to your Wi-Fi.

8. When it connects to your Wi-Fi it will give you a Connection Successful message. This is where you can name the SmartCam also add a room where the SmartCam is located.

9. Select the Room location where you will mount your SmartCam
NOTE: you can not click "Save" until you have chosen a room name.

10. Click "Finish" . Once installed, you can access and view your SmartCam from the "Home" page. 

If you are having issues please contact the technical support team. 

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