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How to add a user to the Hedge App
How to add a user to the Hedge App
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Once you have setup your Hedge account, logged into the Hedge app and installed your SmartCam, you will then be able to invite other members of the household to join the home.

Please note the following about adding secondary users to your Hedge account:

  • They will be able to view any alerts and video clips, view SmartCam live feed and arm the home. 

  • They will receive 24/7 push notification alerts and escalation pipeline text and phone calls for events in the home.

  • When using Auto-arming, the home will be armed only when all users leave the home; and the home will be dis-armed when any users arrive home.

  • They will not be able to invite new users to the app.  

  • Once added, you will be able to revoke access at anytime, if needed.

Please follow the steps below to add a secondary user to your Hedge account: 

  1. Open the Hedge app and click on the People tab at the bottom of the screen.

Once on this screen you will see a list of current users on your home. You can remove them by clicking on the name of the user, and then remove.  

Click on the "+" button to open the options to add a new user or add an emergency contact.

3. Once clicked you will have two options to choose from: (1) "Invite a user" or (2) "Create an emergency contact". Click "Invite a user" to add a new secondary user to your Hedge account.  

4. A popup window will open in the app giving you another two options: (1) "Choose from Contacts" or (2) "Add manually". Click the one that is most suitable for you.  

5. If you select "Add manually", you will see the following screen where you can enter a name and e-mail, then press "Invite User" to send the invitation.  

6. If you select "Choose from Contacts", you will need to make sure you have set the correct permissions to allow Hedge to access your contacts list. This can be done through your mobile's permission settings, which will be different for both Android and iOS devices. 

7. Once invited, the user will receive an email to set a password for the first time. They will need to download the Hedge app and can log in using their e-mail and new password.

Note:  If you use the Hedge app auto arming feature, please make sure the new user accepts the auto arming setting as well. Once they activate it, the home will automatically arm when the last user leaves the home and disarms the home when the first user returns home.

If you are having issues please contact the technical support team. 

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