Your SmartCam will record clips and save them to the cloud upon either motion or noise alerts. Each clip will be 12 seconds long, and after each recording the SmartCam has a 5 minute cool down period. 

Although our research shows that 12 seconds is a generally adequate clip length for most users, you may wish for your SmartCam to constantly capture footage. To do this you can utilise the use of a MicroSD card.

The MicroSD Card slot can be found at the back of the main SmartCam housing, below the power cable.

Your SmartCam supports 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB MicroSD cards in FAT32 format. We recommend Class 10 for optimal performance. Lower class MicroSD cards have slower speeds for file transfer and their performance varies based on scenario, which is why we recommend Class 10.

Your SmartCam will overwrite the oldest footage when it runs out of room on the microSD card. The estimated record times are listed below: 

Card Size             Record Time
 8GB                       0.5-1 Day
16GB                      1-2 Days
 32GB                     2-3 Days

As soon as a compatible MicroSD card is inserted, the SmartCam will begin recording everything it sees to the card, and once the MicroSD card becomes full, the SmartCam will automatically begin deleting the oldest footage to make space for the live recording. 

To access this footage you will need to remove the MicroSD card and connect it to a computer, where you will be able to isolate the footage you need, and download the footage to your computer. 

The 12 second cloud recording functionality will continue to work (if enabled) as well as the comprehensive recording in to the MicroSD card. 

Your SD card will also continue to record locally even if the Wi-Fi within your home fails or is switched off. 

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