If you get an error message and your Flood/Garage Sensor beeps 4 times after you go through the setup process, it means that the device could not connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

Try these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Make sure you have entered the correct password for your Wi-Fi network into the Hedge app. In your phone's settings, you can verify that you have the correct Wi-Fi password by navigating to the Wi-Fi network screen, "forgetting" the Wi-Fi network you are logged into, and then logging in to your Wi-Fi network again. Once your Wi-Fi network is re-established on your smartphone, you have verified that you know your Wi-Fi password. Enter this same Wi-Fi password in your Hedge app.

  • If you have a dual-band router with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, please make sure your smartphone is connected to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band when you try to set up your sensors. Flood/Garage sensors can only connect to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks..

  • Make sure you are as close to your Wi-Fi router as possible. Flood/Garage sensors have the same range as most common Wi-Fi enabled devices. Obstructions like walls, cabinets, and doors will reduce Wi-Fi range. You can use your smartphone to test the signal strength of your Wi-Fi at the location you’re going to mount the sensor, to ensure that you have signal in the area.

  • Reset your Wi-Fi router by powering it off, waiting 30 seconds, and powering it back on. 

If you are still having trouble please contact Hedge technical support. 

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