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Setting up your Garage Door Sensor (Android)
Setting up your Garage Door Sensor (Android)
This article will detail installing a Garage Sensor to the Hedge app on an Android smartphone.
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  1. Open the Hedge app then select "+" in the top right corner of the "Home" screen. 

2. Once you're onto the "Choose device" page, select the Garage Sensor. 

2. Remove the sensor from its packaging and then remove the tab from the device, wait until you hear a beep.  Once you hear the beep, press Next. 

3. Select "Click to go to Wi-Fi settings", this will take you to your smartphone's Wi-Fi settings. 

4. You now need to connect to your Garage Sensor. Find your device in the Wi-Fi settings. Your devices SSID will follow the format: "Roost-device-XXXX". This may take a few seconds to appear, so please be patient. 

Once possible, select the device name to begin the connection.  

5. Wait until you see a message "Wi-Fi has no internet access" on the top of your smartphone, then select it.   

6. A pop-up box will appear. Click "Yes" to complete the connection to the device. 

Note: If you click "No" then you would need to reset your Garage Sensor and start the setup again.  To reset, just remove and reinsert the batteries.

7. Upon clicking "Yes", go back into the Hedge app and click "Next".

8. Now select the home Wi-Fi network you would like to connect the device to by clicking from the drop-down highlighted below.  After selecting the Wi-Fi network, enter the Wi-Fi password and press "Connect".

9. Upon clicking Connect, the device will try and connect to the home Wi-Fi network. NOTE: The device will beep once if it's successfully connected. If you hear 4, or 6 beeps then please read the following articles. 

10. To finish installation, just hit "Save" on the next screen! For guidance on how to physically attach your garage door sensor, please see this article: 

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