If you find that the LED on the back of your SmartCam is a solid yellow light, then please try the following troubleshooting options:  

  1. Reboot the SmartCam, then click the setup button located under the SmartCam. If it starts blinking and says ready to connect, then it worked and is ready to be re-installed.

  2. If that did not work, a factory reset may help kick the device back to life. To do this, leave the SmartCam plugged in and powered on and hold the setup button down for 30 seconds, until you can hear the SmartCam click. Allow it around 30 seconds for the SmartCam to initialise (in some instances this may take up to 5 minutes). The LED on the back should move from solid yellow to blinking yellow, indicating it is ready to be re-installed.

Note: If you have an SD card inserted into the SmartCam, please remove this before carrying out a factory reset.

For information on how to re-install the SmartCam, please see the following article:

If neither of theses steps worked then please contact technical support to assist you further.

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