QR Code Issues
What to do if you're having issues scanning the QR code upon SmartCam setup.
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If during your SmartCam setup, you are unable to scan the QR Code and repeatedly hear the "ready to connect" command, please ensure you have done the following:

  • Remove the protective film from the camera lens if you have not already done so.

  • Gently clean the lens of the SmartCam.

  • If you have a protective film on your smartphone, this could cause glare. Please ensure that there is minimal glare when scanning your QR code.

  • Confirm there is nothing obstructing the QR code on the screen and that your smartphone screen is not cracked or distorted in any way. If your screen has something preventing a successful scan (an example would be if your screen is heavily cracked) and you do not have another Android or iOS device to perform setup from, you can take a screenshot of the code and send it to a computer, and scan from there. 

If you are still unable to connect to your network please contact technical support for further assistance.

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