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Enabling / Disabling Auto-arming Feature
Enabling / Disabling Auto-arming Feature

This article details how to toggle auto-arming and gives a definition of the feature.

Written by Jonathan Augelli
Updated over a week ago

Auto-arming allows you to automatically arm the home when all Hedge users leave, and to automatically arm the home when any Hedge user returns home.

To enable the automatic arming feature within the Hedge app please see the instructions and/or the video below.

Visiting the in app settings to enable/disable at anytime

Click on "Settings" cog

Click on "Auto-arming" 

Make sure the "Enable auto-arming" and "Enable location services" toggles are both turned on to enable. 

You are able to adjust the geo-fence radius size to Small, Medium, or Large depending on your preferences.  

We recommend homes in more rural areas select a larger radius as mobile range is more limited and updates can take a little longer. The wider radius will allow more time to deactivate the app when returning home.  

Users are also able to adjust the pin location from within the settings if the address coordinates are not precisely locating the position of your home.  Please click the "adjust pin location" and drag the map to the desired location.

Note: If there is more than one user within the app all users will need to enable the feature for it to work correctly (i.e. arm when last person leaves and disarm when first person arrives home). 

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