Note: These water sensors were available PRIOR to August 3, 2020. If you purchased your Hedge devices August 3, 2020 or later, please see information about our current leak sensors.

Your water sensor has built in temperature and humidity sensors and is actively monitoring your home's temperature and humidity, and will alert you when readings are out of range. 

Alerts you may receive include: 

  • Temperature Too High in your <room name>.

  • Temperature Too Low in your <room name>.

  • Humidity Too High in your <room name>.

  • Humidity Too Low in your <room name>.

The thresholds that will trigger alerts are: 

  • Temperature above 90 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Temperature below 39 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Humidity below 0 relative humidity 

  • Humidity above 75 relative humidity 

The only way to address the alert is to adjust the temperature or humidity in the room where the sensor is, or to move the sensor to a different location. 

Currently, it is not possible to see the actual temperature or humidity reading from within the Hedge app - that's a feature on our list that we hope to release in the future.

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