Once you have received and unboxed your LeakBot please follow the steps below to get set up:

  1. Go to your 'Home' screen. From here, select the '+' in the top right corner of the screen.

  2. You will now be on the 'Choose device' section. To progress with your LeakBot              install please select the LeakBot image as highlighted below.

  3. Click 'Next'.

  4. You will now be prompted to enter your LeakBot ID, which can be found on the            sticker of the back of your LeakBot. Once entered, hit next.

  5. Next, pull the green tab out from the side of your LeakBot.

  6. Now you need to activate your LeakBot. You can do this by pressing the green             button on the side and waiting until the red LED light turns solid. Once it has, hit            'Next'. 

  7. Your LeakBot will now establish a connection with your device.

  8. (iOS only, Android users can skip this step) Please allow access for the Hedge
      app to join the LeakBot's local Wi-Fi network.

  9. You will now be asked to enter your home Wi-Fi details. Please note that you must
      connect your LeakBot to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

  10. Once you've entered your home Wi-Fi details and hit next, your LeakBot will
       begin to register. You're nearly there!

When your LeakBot has successfully registered to the Hedge App, all that's left to do is place it on the correct pipe. If you would like further instruction on where you need to install your LeakBot then please press the button below for details.

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