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How does 24/7 alerts and escalation work?
How does 24/7 alerts and escalation work?

When devices send alerts, escalation path and how incidents work

Written by Jonathan Augelli
Updated over a week ago

Hedge 24/7 alerts and escalation help alert you to issues so you can keep a (virtual) eye on your home - no matter where you are. 

Alerts. The Hedge app sends push notifications to alert you to motion, noise, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors sounding, water detection, and your garage door opening or closing. (Note that the specific alerts you can receive depend on the devices you have installed.) 

The smoke, carbon monoxide, and water alerts are sent regardless of whether your home is armed with Hedge or not - we believe these are safety and potential damage issues you should know about regardless of whether you're home or not. The security related features related to motion or noise will only send notification alerts when your home is armed - this way you aren't getting alerts when you and your family are moving around the house. 

Escalation. Certain events will trigger the escalation process. If one of these events occurs in your Home and you do not enter the Hedge app to dismiss the alert, a series of notifications, text, and phone calls will be made to users in your Hedge Home. If you fail to respond to an alert within ten minutes, we will also notify your emergency contact via text.

We want to ensure we alert you to potential issues, even if you miss the original notification. 

Note: The only way to stop the escalation path is to open the Hedge app to dismiss the alert.

Responding to alerts. To effectively respond to and dismiss an alert any user on the home must go into the app and follow the below process. (In this example a flood alert was used, however the process is the same for all alerts).

  1. Once you are notified of an alert and you open your Hedge app, you will see the active alert displayed at the top of your "Home" screen. Once you see this, select it to continue.

2. Here, you will see your active alert timeline. Displayed here will be all the alerts that have not been dismissed. Once here, hit "Respond now". 

3. You will be prompted to select one of the three options displayed in the below image. 

"Contact Support" - This will bring you to the "Services" page within the app. Here you can choose from a number of options including contacting Technical Support, Ready Home Assist, and American Family Insurance.

"Clear incident" - If you are aware of an issue and would like to dismiss this from your Hedge app, hit this button.

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