Every SmartCam comes with the ability to enter a live stream. You can do this by simply pressing the SmartCam from your "Home" screen. 

Once you're into your live stream, you will notice that there are three control buttons at the bottom of the stream. The functionality of each button is detailed below: 

The speak button allows two-way communication between you and your SmartCam. Upon hitting the "Speak" button, it will turn blue, and at this point two-way audio has been enabled.

Note: In order for a person to respond, you must deselect the "Speak" button.

Selecting "Snapshot" allows you to take a still image of your live stream. This image will be saved locally to your smartphone.

The "Record" button will initiate a recording of the SmartCam live stream. This allows you to create a clip at anytime. This is a useful feature to use if your SmartCam has entered into a cool down phase. 

Your SmartCam will only record whilst you are within the live stream. Upon exit, the recording will stop. 

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