Your Hedge SmartCam will only store clip recordings during the times that your home is armed. 

You have the ability to watch recorded clips up to 14 days previous. After this, the clips will be deleted. If you would like to store a recorded clip for longer, it is recommended that you download the clip to your device. 

To scroll through the different dates, you can use the calendar view below the SmartCam live stream. This is highlighted in the image below. For more information on the different control within live stream, please select the button below:

The steps below will guide you to playing back your SmartCam recorded clips:

  1. Firstly, enter the SmartCam live stream view. You do this by pressing on the SmartCam thumbnail within your "Home" page. 

  2. Press on the clip that you wish to playback. This will automatically start to playback your clip, replacing the current live stream. 

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