Each SmartCam will come with both a metal mounting plate, and a red adhesive pad as show in the image below. These are what you will use to mount your SmartCam to any surface within your home. 

A consideration to take before starting: mount your SmartCam in an area whereby the USB cable that plugs into the SmartCam can still reach the main electrical socket.

Follow these instructions to get your SmartCam mounted:

  • On the opposite site of the adhesive pad as shown above, there is a white film. First, peel off this film. 

  • Stick the same side to the back of the metal mounting plate (the red side should be showing). 

  • Now, you can remove the red film. 

  • Place the newly revealed adhesive side to the area you wish to mount your SmartCam. 

  • The base of your SmartCam is magnetic, so gently place this area against your mounting plate, and you're all set! 

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