What are Activity Zones?

An activity zone gives the user the ability to 'mask' certain areas of the SmartCam view. This means you will be able to block out personalized areas where you would not like to receive any motion alerts - or alternatively select only areas you would like to receive notifications.

Why might I want to set Activity Zones?

You might be interested in using Activity Zones if you have a window you want to avoid, in order to prevent motion alerts from picking up people walking by (use the 'Flip' mode for this to exclude the window).

Or maybe you're trying to focus in on the baby's crib, or the cookie jar, and want to only capture motion in those places.

How do I set my Activity Zones?

Each SmartCam will have its own Activity Zone, which the user can personalize at any time. Below lists the steps you will need to take in order to get your Activity Zone up and running:

Note: Firstly, please make sure you have updated your Hedge app via the app store - it must be running on a minimum version of 3.4.2, which was released on 06/11/2020. Once you have done this, you will also be required to update the SmartCam firmware. If you have not done this before, the article linked below will explain how to do this.

1. Enter the live view for the selected SmartCam by pressings its thumbnail image on the 'Home' page.

2. Enter the SmartCam settings by selecting the 'cog' located in the top tight hand corner of the SmartCam live view:

3. Once in the SmartCam settings, scroll down and locate 'Activity Zones'. Tap on 'Set or edit an Activity Zone':

4. If it is your first time setting an Activity Zone, you will be presented with a help screen. We recommend reading this before moving on to the next screen. You will then see this view:

Note: In order for the Activity Zone to work, you must ensure that the toggle is switched ON - simply setting the green box and hitting 'Save' will not activate the feature. This is highlighted in the image below.

5. There are a few things that can be done here:

  • Turn your Activity Zone on/off by toggling the slider.

  • Select 'Flip' to view the inverse masking option. Please note that motion will only be recorded inside the green area.

  • Hit 'Save' at the bottom to set your Activity Zone.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact the Technical Support team.

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