The Smart Leak Sensor is a wireless, battery-powered device that works by utilizing both your SmartCam and SmartBridge devices.

The device detects direct contact with moisture/water and will notify you via your Hedge App, and audibly through the devices built-in alarm.

The device also has built-in humidity and temperature monitoring so it will provide a push notification if the humidity or temperature where the device is placed passes the high or low thresholds set in the Hedge App.

The device is a great way to detect early leaks from your pipes or major appliances, helping to prevent small issues from becoming major damage.

Note: These Leak Sensors were available August 3, 2020 so customers purchasing August 3, 2020 and later will have these Leak Sensors. For purchases prior to August 3, 2020, please see information about our past water sensors.

Device Setup

When installing the Smart Leak Sensor, you must first have:

  • The most up-to-date version of the Hedge App, signed into your account

  • A SmartCam, already set up and visible in the Hedge Home dashboard.

  • A SmartBridge that is connected to your SmartCam. Please ensure that the LED light on the back of your SmartBridge is a solid blue before attempting your Leak Sensor installs.

If you need assistance in setting up your SmartCam, check out the How to install your SmartCam article.

To install the Leak Sensor, please:

  • Open the Hedge App

  • Tap on the + icon

  • Tap on the Smart Leak Sensor icon, from the list of displayed devices

  • Follow the in app instructions to complete the device registration

Note: If you have more than one SmartCam and SmartBridge, upon installation of the sensor you will be asked to choose to which SmartBridge you would like to connect the device. We recommend choosing the SmartBridge closest to where the device will be kept, to improve range, connectivity and overall user experience.

Leak Detection

The Smart Leak sensor has four metal contact points that run along the underside of the device. These strips are highly tuned to detect the smallest amounts of moisture. Once triggered, the device will sound via a beeper, send an immediate update to your Hedge App and also trigger our 24/7 escalation and alerts pipeline.

If your device has been triggered, but there are no signs of a leak, please just dry off the contacts on the underside of the device, and once dry, the device should stop beeping and return to the normal state within your app.

Temperature and Humidity Detection

You will be able to set your desired temperature and humidity settings within each device's settings. The devices are operational at temperatures of 14-122°F, as well as at any humidity between 0-100%. You can therefore set up alerts at any temperatures within this range, as well as at any humidity values in increments of 5.

To adjust the settings:

  • Open the Hedge App

  • Tap on the icon of the installed Leak Sensor on the Home screen

  • Tap on the Settings cogwheel

  • You will find an example of the controls to adjust both the temperature and humidity detection sensitivity below

  • If you keep alerts enabled, you will receive a notification when the measured temperature or humidity falls below or climbs above your desired range

NOTE: Temperature and Humidity alerts will not trigger the 24/7 alerts and escalation pipeline.


You will want to place your Smart Leak sensors nearby areas or utilities that could spring a leak or have water ingress. Good general locations for leak sensors include, but are not limited to:

  • Under washing machines, dishwashers, or refrigerators (if they have a water supply line)

  • Under sinks, especially if the sink has has a past leak, is old, or is in a place that is not accessed regularly

  • Behind bath panels in bathrooms

  • Near hot water tanks or sump pumps

For more information or support, please speak to our Technical Support team by hitting the chat bubble icon in app.

Battery Replacement

The batteries for your Leak Sensor are replaceable. You need two (2) AAA batteries. To replace the batteries, pop off the bottom panel. There is a divot on the side of the sensor that may help in removing the bottom panel.

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