The Smart Motion Sensor is a wireless, battery-powered device that works by utilizing both your SmartCam and SmartBridge devices.

The Motion Sensor detects the motion of objects with a heat signature. It will alert you to events like moving people or pets, but will ignore events like a falling picture frame.

The device is a great way to discreetly extend motion coverage throughout your home/office without the need for more wires.

Device Setup

When installing the motion sensor, you must first have:

  • The most up-to-date version of the Hedge App, signed into your account.

  • A SmartCam, already set up and visible on your Hedge dashboard.

  • A SmartBridge that is connected to your SmartCam. Please ensure that the LED light on the back of your SmartBridge is a solid blue before attempting your Motion Sensor install.

If you need assistance in setting up your SmartCam, check out the How to install your SmartCam article.

To install the device, please:

  • Open the Hedge App

  • Tap on the + icon

  • Tap on the Smart Motion Sensor icon, from the list of displayed devices

  • Follow the in-app instructions to complete the device registration

Note: If you have more than one SmartCam and SmartBridge, upon installation of the sensor you will be asked to choose to which SmartBridge you would like to connect the device. We recommend choosing the SmartBridge closest to where the device will be kept, to improve range, connectivity and overall user experience.


The Smart Motion Sensor detects heat based movement at distances up to 26 feet and a horizontal detection angle of 120°. The range can vary based on where you place it and the orientation of the device. Once fitted, the device is mounted to a magnetic base that allows you to easily adjust the orientation of the device.


The motion sensor is a discreet, wireless device that can be securely positioned with the strong adhesive pads included. This means that it can be placed in most areas around your home, to provide additional motion coverage in the areas missed by your SmartCam(s) view.

The device comes in two parts - the sensor itself, and the magnetic semi-sphere. To mount onto a surface, simply stick the adhesive side of the magnetic semi-sphere in your desired position, and then attach the sensor using the built-in magnet as displayed in the images below. Once the adhesive side has been stuck down, you will still have some play in movement to point the sensor in your desired direction.

Battery Replacement

The batteries for your Motion Sensor are replaceable. You need one (1) CR2450 battery. To replace the battery, pop off the bottom panel. There is a divot on the back of the sensor that may help in removing the bottom panel.

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