To purchase more devices you can access the in-app shop by:

  1. Clicking the Services menu option at the bottom of the app navigation bar

  2. Click Shop: Buy more devices

  3. Click the plus icons for selected devices, then click Go to shopping cart

  4. Complete shipping and payment information to complete your order

Users have the ability to purchase additional devices via an in-app e-commerce store in order to add additional protection to their home, or increase coverage to a second home.

You can find the store by opening up the Hedge app > Services > Shop: Buy more devices.

Buying for a second home?

It is important to note that if you are thinking of purchasing Hedge devices for your second home, you must include a SmartCam in that order. Without the SmartCam, users will not be able to connect any devices from either the Leak or Motion kits, since the SmartCam serves as a hub for the Leak Kit and Motion Kit.

Once you complete your order for a second home, be sure to chat with support to get your account updated with the second home address, so that arming and notifications will work as expected.

As always, if you have any questions, or are facing issues with adding additional devices then please contact the Technical support team via our in-app chat function.

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