Your contact sensor can be mounted to any window or door that has a flush surface, as this will allow the two pieces to connect with one another. You will need to stick one part of the device on the door/window itself, and the other part on the door/window frame. In the example below, the pieces are stuck to a double door, as this has a flush surface and so is good for demonstration.

When the door/window in question is closed, the pieces are aligned and thus in the "closed position". This sensor will therefore show on the Hedge app as "closed".

When the door/window in question is open, the pieces are separated and so the contact is broken, meaning the devices are in the "open position". The sensor will therefore show on the Hedge app as "open".

As the two pieces either align or separate, you should see the red light on the front flash once. If you do not see this, the pieces may be too far apart, or may not be correctly aligned when in the closed position.

Please note that the adhesive pad on the back will only work for the initial application, so we therefore recommend experimenting with the position of the device before sticking it down. If you stick it down and have to remove it because they are not correctly aligned, you may need to use new adhesive sticky tape of your own to re-mount the device.

If you are having trouble installing with your Contact Sensor, please reach out to the technical support team.

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