When the Motion Sensor detects movement, it is recorded in the "Activity" tab on the Hedge app regardless of whether the home is armed. You will only receive push notifications, however, when the home is armed. This is the how the device is designed to work and there is no way to stop the Activity Log from capturing motion recorded.

If you wish to see fewer records in the Activity log, we suggest you place the Motion Sensor in a room that doesn't see an abundance of movement if an individual is home all day. Alternatively, you can look at the activity logs of each sensor individually by clicking on the device in the home page. For example, to find out when your Contact Sensor located at 'front door' was opened and closed, click on that sensor from the Dashboard and review activity specific to 'front door', so you don't need to scroll through everything from the Home.

If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact the Technical Support team through the "chat bubble" icon in app.

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