Not at all! It’s true that there are quite a few great talks that we think that you’ll enjoy. But the entire experience is much more than that. All attendees will be able to:

  • Live access to all of the keynote talks and virtual exhibit hall.
  • Access an entire special mini-series of the popular podcast, Rocketship.FM, only available to attendees of INDUSTRY Virtual -- with live interviews broadcast during the conference.
  • Receive our Conference notes -- compiled by a professional journalist taking notes of every main-stage talk, and collated into an ebook for easy reading.
  • Take part in unique 1:1 video networking sessions with other attendees from all over the world in our networking area.

For those with a Conference Plus or Superpass:

  • All of the above benefits, plus more -- such as:
  • Access all of the audio and video recordings of each of the conference talks.
  • Interact with our speakers and ask questions after their main-stage presentations.
  • A copy of one of Product Collective’s favorite books!

To learn more about benefits and pricing, visit

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