New York Product Conference Health and Safety

An overview of health and safety guidelines and protocols for New York Product Conference.

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The health and safety of our attendees, sponsors, and speakers are incredibly important to us -- and because of that, we've created this Health and Wellness Policy for attendees of the New York Product Conference. Please refer to this new policy in order to prepare for attending the conference. Some of these precautions may be more than what’s necessary, but we think it will make for a more comfortable experience for all.

The guidelines set forth by the city of New York continue to be fluid. We will keep a close eye on these so that the event is compliant with them. That said, the Times Center itself has set its own guidelines:

  1. NYPC requires all attendees, speakers, and sponsors to wear a mask unless they are eating or drinking during the breaks and happy hour.

  2. NYPC requires all attendees, speakers, and sponsors to be vaccinated -- and all will need to show proof of vaccination. There are several ways that attendees may show proof of vaccination, including, but not necessarily limited to:

    • New York’s Excelsior Pass -- a free, digital app that allows New York residents vaccinated in the State of New York to confirm their vaccination status via mobile app in advance. Simply download the mobile app, confirm vaccination, and show your pass on-site (printed or mobile form) along with your state-issued ID.

    • Alternatively, you may bring and show your vaccination card -- along with your state-issued ID -- to the conference.

Even though that's all that's required in terms of New York City and the Times Center's guidelines -- we believe it's important to go above and beyond in order to ensure the health and safety of our attendees. Because of that, there are a number of other measures and precautions we'll be taking:

In order to reduce attendee flow at registration:

  1. Doors will open at 8:30am -- a full 60 minutes before the opening remarks start at 9:30am in order to reduce attendee flow at registration.

In order to further emphasize everyone's wellness:

  1. Masks will be available for those who have forgotten theirs or need a new one.

  2. There will be increased cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces throughout the venue.

  3. Microphones will be sanitized after each use throughout the conference.

  4. A designated person will be overseeing these health and safety measures to ensure that these policies are executed.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our support team at or simply click the red chat button on the bottom right of this screen.

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