Marketing experts almost universally see video advertising as the most powerful way to build brands.  Managing the perfect video campaign, like an advertising campaign is a bit of an art.  The impact you achieve can be influenced by a wide range of factors including:

  • The reach and level of exposure (repeat viewing) your campaign achieves.
  • Targeting a receptive audience.
  • Having a strong, clear proposition.
  • Getting your message across in a way that resonates and convinces.

Studies have shown (details below) that online video:

  • Can increase your profits by 21% in the first six months.  In general online video delivers returns of £1.21 profit for every £1 invested in the short-term.
  • Can increase your profits by 135% over three years.  The data demonstrated a total average return of £2.35 on every £1 invested when measured over the long term.
  • In some industries, the short term returns are much higher: in travel, £4.30 profit for every £1 invested, in retail £1.90 and in finance £1.46.

These figures include all online video (network ads in articles, YouTube ads, Facebook videos etc).  Premium options like ITV Hub have better viewability and impact that online video as a whole due to the majority of usage being in full-screen mode, and prevention of ad skipping.

As an immersive visual medium, premium video services like ITV Hub provide you with a powerful canvas to bring your brand to life. Whether you focus your message on driving immediate sales, or building deeper emotional engagement and engaging with the longer term opportunity.

Checkout the video to find out more about others' experiences advertising on ITV Hub...  

Advertiser experiences on ITV Hub


Study details

Thinkbox, Ebiquity and Gain Theory: Profitability, The Business Case for Advertising.  Short term is defined as 6 months, long term 6 - 36 months.

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