You may have noticed that your quote on Kanda has a status attached to it. These statuses help you see what's happening with your quote at a glance. In this article, we're going to quickly explain what each status means.

What your quote status means

Accepted - this means your customer has decided to accept your quote. It does not mean your customer has applied for finance, nor does it mean they have been accepted for finance. It simply means they have accepted your quote. You should check with them to set up a start date.

Awaiting Approval - this is the first status any quote enters, it basically means your customer has been sent your quote and now you're waiting to hear from them about what they'd like to do.

Awaiting Payment - this means you've sent your customer an invoice and you are waiting for them to mark it as paid.

Finance cooling off period - this means your customer has been accepted for interest-free finance and there is now a mandatory 14-day cooling-off period before you can start the work.

Finance Pending - this means your customer has started a finance application. We'll let you know when it's accepted.

Finance Rejected - this means we were unable to find your customer a finance offer or they rejected the offer we gave them. They can still accept your quote and pay normally if they'd like to.

Marked as Paid - this means your customer has marked your invoice as paid. You should be shown any evidence they uploaded so you can see why they marked it as paid.

Pending payout - your customer has signed a satisfaction note and requested that the funds be released to you. We are now checking the satisfaction note before arranging the funds to be released.

Paid - your customer has paid your invoice. IF your customer paid by finance, then it means Kanda has released your funds to you (it may take 24 hours for the funds to show).

Quote Rejected - this means your customer rejected your quote, they are asked for a reason so you can check it and make amends if necessary.

That's all of them. Have a question about anything? Just ask us on chat.

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