Here's a quick guide on how to offer interest-free (0%) finance

Step 1: To offer 0% finance to your customer, you need to select the option when you build your quote

Step 2: Once you've enabled 0% finance for your quote, send it to your customer (full guide on that here). We then email the customer your quote and give them the option to apply for finance.

What happens once my customer is approved?

If our lender approves your customer for 0% finance, they enter a 14-day cooling-off period. It is a legal requirement that the customer can cancel their finance agreement at any point up to 14-days after signing it.

So, it would help if you didn't start any work until the 14-day period is over.

Once you've completed the work, we'll ask the customer to sign a satisfaction note. After they have done that, we will check it and release the funds directly to minus any subsidies.

Funds will be released to you within 72 hours of Kanda receiving the satisfaction note from your customer. Remember, you'll be charged 6% on a Business Boost plan or 7.5% on a PRO+ plan for each successful finance application. This is taken from the funds on the payout to you.

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