In the Feedback stage, all the comments and evaluations from your peers will be revealed to you, while their identity remains anonymous. You have the opportunity to give feedback to the evaluators based on the quality of their comments and help them adjust their feedback delivery in future evaluations.

Feedback Skills Score

Feedback Scoring

You are required to give your feedback through plotting their comments on a scale of how motivational (ranging from Very Discouraging to Very Motivational) and critical (ranging from Incorrect Direction to Very Helpful) it was. You may also submit a comment for further instruction.

Motivational and Critical Scale Bar

For example, if you feel the evaluation comment is not only unhelpful but also instructs you in the wrong direction, pick the point “Incorrect Direction”. If you feel the comment is simply too soft and does not challenge you to improve, pick the point “unhelpful” on the left side of the critical spectrum. Similarly, if you feel the tone is harsh and or doesn’t acknowledge any positive aspect of your submission, you may choose a point on the left side of the motivational scale.

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