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Overview of MemoriaCall
Overview of MemoriaCall
What is memoriaCall?
Written by JP Valdes
Updated over a week ago

Why pay more for remote work solutions when you can have it all in one affordable platform?

MemoriaCall brings you patented technology for video conferencing with no complication, more collaboration, all in one secure cloud-based account.

Have more productive video conferencing with on demand searchable text and AudioTranscripts™ with playback, conversation tagging, in-app note taking and chat, and one-click audio calls to email contacts with SpeedCall™.

Host or join secure meetings in one-click with confidence of no unwelcome interruptions.

Manage your video conferencing history and files, AI-generated meeting summary and action items, AudioTranscripts™, tagged conversations, notes, and chat for each meeting in one central and secure cloud-based account.

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