If you have an administrative assistant you are one of the lucky few! But more to the point, he or she will be able to schedule meetings on your behalf and manage your MemoriaCall account features to help you get more out of video conferencing with MemoriaCall.
Here is how:

1. Add your admin assistant to your Users in your MemoriaCall account. Watch this brief tutorial to learn how.

2. Assign your admin assistant the role of Admin (vs. User) before saving it to your account as a user.

3. After that, every time your admin assistant logs into his or her own MemoriaCall account they will see your account listed under the account profiles available to him or her. To schedule a video conference or launch it on your behalf all they need to do is select your account from those available in their profile. And they will be able to use all the features as if it were you who is handling your videoconference.
It’s that easy!

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