Mettle currently allows for a maximum account balance of £50,000. Transactions into the account are uncapped (up to the maximum account holding limit), so any invoices paid to you or any payment coming in can be sent in one payment, unless they would increase your balance to over £50,000.

Transactions out of the account are capped at £10,000 at a time. This does not limit the number of payments you can do from the app, and if you were looking to transfer more than £10,000, you could simply do multiple payments out.

Card transactions are limited to £10,000 per transaction, £20,000 a week and £50,000 a month.

Finally, cash withdrawals are limited to £500 a day and £4,000 a month. You are also limited to a maximum of £500 cash top up into your account. If this poses a problem for your business, we'd love to hear about it. You can contact the Mettle support team via the in-app chat. 

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